Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

We support our customers on site or at our Engineering Offices - or a combination of both.  

Specification and Architecture

  • System requirement analysis and drawing up requirement specifications
  • Development of software and functional architectures
  • Functional safety


  • Hardware development: Conceptual planning of analog and digital circuits, PCB layout and ASIC design, power electronics, equipment development
  • Embedded software development: Development of safety-critical control and communication software, embedded applications, microcontroller programming
  • Model-based software development

Integration and Testing

  • Software integration, continuous integration and build management
  • Resource management of safety-critical embedded systems
  • Software module and HiL tests
  • Compilation of test specification and test management

Quality Assurance

  • Technical Documentation
  • Code review and reverse engineering of embedded software platforms and applications

Project Management and Consulting

  • Quality and process management
  • SPICE auditing
  • Project management

Electrical Design


This is only a selection of our competencies in the area of electrical engineering.